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Boutique Fashion Clothing Wholesale Suppliers in the UK

We all know that selling whatever clothing or apparels are the most common ways to make money.


As we can see online or offline, so many people make profits from their clothing and apparels business, then can we do as the same as what they do to make money from it?


The answer is YES for sure, but how can we do this? I mean its not easy to start business especially for beginners.


Don’t get confused about it, in this post, I’m gonna share the experiences about wholesale clothing suppliers and clothing sites, to show you how to do your clothing and apparels business. And you will do wholesale clothing business easier than before.

What clothing should I purchase from wholesale clothing suppliers?
As I sold clothing online before, I used to separate clothing into 3 main categories which are men clothing, women clothing and baby/kid clothing.


So basically, I suggest you to choose 1 category to sell for your business first, and then extend your product line depends on how much profits you made.


But you may confuse about how to choose the exact category right? Don’t worry about that, I’ll give you the full analysis about wholesale clothing suppliers in the following parts.


Before give you the list of wholesale clothing suppliers or wholesale clothing sites, let me brief explain the importance of wholesale clothing suppliers and wholesale clothing sites.


In my opinion, also many experienced sellers should tell you, find a high quality wholesale clothing supplier is the bases for your business, because you need to make sure your products can be bulk wholesale from clothing distributors or wholesale clothing suppliers.


You should maintain the supplying first, and then you can get the inventories for selling.


So this is the main reason why I want to share you the top tips about wholesale clothing suppliers and clothing sites, I’m here to helping you avoid losing too much money during the business.


And the wholesale clothing suppliers selection, or some people called wholesale clothing distributors or sites are the key to make your business profitable.

Top 5 wholesale clothing suppliers and distributors
Chinabrands is one of the biggest wholesale clothing suppliers and distributors, they does not only wholesale women clothing, but also wholesale men clothing and wholesale kids clothing.


They provides 1 million+ products that covers 100+ categories. Qualified products and trendy design (such as fitness clothing) are the biggest strengths of Chinabrands as wholesale clothing suppliers and distributors.


For higher quality products, Chinabrands hire a team of professional quality control staffs, in order to make sure each wholesale clothing can be dressed up in a long period.


For trendy designs, by compared to other wholesale clothing suppliers, Chinabrands hire a pro designer team to design the unique clothing whatever men clothing or women clothing.


In addition, Chinabrands also offers a bunch of wholesale plus size clothing, it should allows whatever women or men customers to get the most fittest size.


For wholesale clothing prices, Chinabrands offers special discounts for members, as you purchasing more clothing, you can get more discounts.


For product information, Chinabrands offers high definition product images and SEO-friendly product description for you, as the rapid development of e-commerce business, these product information should be helpful for your business operation.


For logistic delivery, you don’t need to worry about the the long distance delivery, Chinabrands already built up global warehouses worldwide as following:



Why Directories aren’t Commonly Used to Find Dropshipping Suppliers

Often, manufacturers typically focus on a narrow product segment or, in the best case, on a limited number of related categories - for example, children's clothing, toys and stationery; or consumer electronics, gadgets and Gadget accessories, etc. This is understandable: managing extended inventory is a very complex and resource intensive task.


This is not the case with AliExpress (China Wholesale Websites)- it is not a manufacturer's website, but a huge platform that promotes interaction between countless sellers and buyers. Any vendor can post their offer on the platform, which is why the number of products currently on display at AliExpress is estimated to exceed 100 million. These products are divided into different categories, which allows entrepreneurs to choose any project they like and adjust their direct store based on the interests of specific target audiences.


Free access to the database

As we have already thought, the dropshipping directory usually restricts access to its database. As a result, the entrepreneur cannot view the manufacturer and its product list until the necessary payment is made. This will definitely bring great inconvenience to newcomers, because they can't estimate whether it is a waste of money to buy access to this supplier catalog or worth buying.


Unlimited sales

Similarly, in this type of business, it is a very popular practice to force direct store owners to reach a certain number of orders. If this sales threshold is not met, the forwarding provider may refuse to continue working with the entrepreneur.


If you contact the seller through AliExpress, it will never happen. It is not even necessary to formally solve the seller's problems and let them know that the products you ordered are for price reduction.


No legal requirements

For large manufacturers, it is not uncommon to work only with officially established entities. Some of them even prefer American-registered businesses.


None of these need to contact the manufacturer on AliExpress - the platform is very popular with individuals for personal use rather than resale, which is why local direct sellers are happy to work with everyone regardless of their legal status.


global wide

The ultimate benefit of starting a direct sales business is access to an unlimited number of customers who are unable to access these products in their own country.


While general manufacturers primarily ship in Europe or the United States, AliExpress can arrange goods to anywhere in the world without narrowing the target audience to a specific geographic area.